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Choose from 3-6 star energy efficient heating solutions across a range of brands including Daikin and Brivis.

Slit Systems

reverse cycle heating

Reverse Cycle Heating uses a refrigerant gas to take heat from the air outside and release it inside to warm your home. This can be done using a Split System or a Ducted System. It is an energy efficient way to heat your home. 

  • Quiet
  • Efficient & economical
  • Purifies air as well as heating home.
Ducted Heating icon

gas ducted heating

Gas Ducted Heating is made up of a heating unit connected to outlets through a system of ducts throughout the floors or ceiling of your house. You can easily control the temperature of the whole house, or for one room using a wall controller. 

  • Even temperature throughout your home
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost effective.
Gas Log Heater

gas log fires

Gas Log Fires are a beautiful addition to any home and a great way to bring people together on cold days. You can choose from many styles of very realistic wood and gas log fires, in different trims, either free-standing or double sided units, and with materials such as logs, coals, pebbles, even topaz! 

  • Flame and heat easily adjustable without bending down
  • Range of styles and materials available
  • Comfortable, stylish, functional.
Hydronic Heating

hydronic heating

Hydronic Heating is one of the most gentle and hygienic ways to heat your home. It doesn’t blow out dust through the air – heated water is moved to where it’s needed in the home. This is all done under the house, so planning is essential. 

  • Clean and healthy
  • Low maintenance & reliable
  • Silent and energy efficient.

“Many thanks again for the installation of the two Daikin units as you suggested which operate remarkably well and are so quiet we forget to turn them off! Many thanks for your professionalism and attention to detail.”
Pat and Carmel Pastore, Williamstown

“Thanks for the excellent, fast, very clean installation.”
Katrena. Williamstown

"Very helpful staff, great and honest advice, good pricing and super fast installation. Kim was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I will definitely recommend their services."
Rajesh Sarin