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Slit Systems

split systems

A split system is is an energy efficient way to cool your home in Summer, and heat your home in Winter. It can be installed in the rooms that need it the most and you can easily set the temperature by remote. 

  • One of the most efficient ways to cool your home
  • Quiet & economical
  • Purifies air as well as cooling for a more hygienic environment.
Evaporative Cooling

evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling is an ancient method of cooling. It takes heat from the air and leaves the environment cooler. It doesn’t dry out skin as it provides more humidity than the typical cooling system. 

  • Low maintenance with minimal parts, less service costs for you to worry about
  • Filters the air for a clean home
  • Low running costs (uses up to 75% less electricity than a standard air conditioner).
Reverse Cycle Cooling

reverse cycle cooling

Reverse cycle cooling uses a refrigerant gas to take heat from the air inside and release it outside to leave your home cooler. This can be done using a Split System or a ducted system. It is an energy efficient way to heat and cool your home. 

  • Quiet so you won’t notice it’s there
  • Economical so you won’t pay more than you need to
  • Purifies air as well as heating home.
Cooling Icon

add on cooling

Add on cooling can be attached to an existing or new natural gas ducted heating system. It is a refrigerated central air conditioning system that uses the same ducts and grills as your ducted heating system. 

  • Filtered, cool air for a clean environment
  • Single ductwork, save on the cost of getting a new system put in
  • Constant cool air, lowers humidity to keep your home comfortable during those sticky humid summer days.

“Thank-you so much for providing and installing our family with air conditioning at our home in Hoppers Crossing. It has made life a bit easier in these hot months. 
Yasmin Akel, Hoppers Crossing

“The air-conditioners are working beautifully and has made our home life a lot more comfortable. Our thanks for your prompt reply with the quote, to the pre installation inspection right up until the installation day when the workers arrived on time, installed all the units, checked and then instructed us on how to operate the units before leaving… very professional and competent company.”
Bruce Knell, Laverton

"Just had an evaporative cooling system installed. The installation was super fast and very professional and the installers were friendly and polite. The pricing was extremely competitive. This is a family run business and it shows... outstanding service from friendly helpful people. Thank you!"
Linda Hilton